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Eliminating rebuilds and lost production time

  • A long-time customer had a problem with a press requiring 2 complete rebuilds within 18 months. We built new bushings and pins for the moving parts and had some of our staff involved in the rebuilds to a total amount of about $100,000.
  • The automatic lubricator on the press had not been working properly for some time resulting in greatly increased wear on the 46 lube points. The customer requested quotes for a new system to supply grease to the machine’s pins and bushings.
  • J/E Bearing was contracted to install a new SKF Maxilube system on the press to supply grease to the 46 points inside. During the tear-down it was discovered that several lube points did not even have supply lines running to them. All points were fitted with new lube lines. SKF technicians commissioned the installation and programmed the Maxilube pump to automatically deliver the correct amount of lubrication as required.
  • After running almost continuously since early 2012, we are told that the pins and bushings show little to no wear. Total cost of the install was near $45K – about ½ the cost of one rebuild (not including lost production).

From a rebuild every 6 months, to lasting 5 years and counting

  • A customer we have been working with for years would always come to us with a broken down spindle. Every time we had to rebuild it, it would cost the company nearly $10,000 with downtime and repair. From the first break down, we suggested to the customer there was a more efficient way to run the machine, but they did not see the long-time benefits. After another breakdown of the spindle, they decided to take our recommendation and invest in a more efficient solution.
  • As a distributor for many large bearing and power transmission suppliers, we have gained an excellent working relationship and have access to a wide variety of their expertise. As a result, we contacted SKF and suggested that together we perform a root cause analysis of the equipment failure.
  • After measurements and readings took place, it was determined that the maintenance staff were using improper amounts of grease. We decided in order to fix the problem, we would install pancake fittings at grease manifolds for the spindle bearings. This provided the bearings with the proper grease, at the right frequency, with the appropriate amount.
  • Since we installed the pancake fittings, the spindle went from being rebuilt every 6 months (sometimes even 3), to lasting 5 years and counting. The total amount saved is estimated to be around $70,000.

No maintenance required

  • A large manufacturer approached J/E with a problem application. They were using a rivet head to assemble an automotive part together with and, for safety reasons, the company required the riveting to be done 6 feet away from the operator. They asked if we could come up with a design and build a unit to accomplish that goal as well as build the unit to be robust enough to withstand the abuse of the riveting head.
  • Having previous experience with designing and building transfers of different types, we knew the application with a heavy load and continuous cycles would be perfect for square linear rails and bearings. The unit needed to be solid and strong, so we selected structural tubing for the frame. Our team took the customers cell dimensions and with our linear bearing idea, drew a concept unit and submitted the design for approval.
  • The lines enable the operator to assemble parts on fixture 1 as fixture 2 is being riveted, at a safe distance from the operator. The linear transfer required smooth motion so parts would not be disrupted after being assembled and shuttled to the rivet head. This was accomplished with the use of NSK Square linear bearings and rails.
  • The company was very pleased after the design was built and installed. The units preformed exactly as planned with no maintenance requirements or quality issues with the final assembled detail. The operator was able to perform his job safely and efficiently.

Smooth and Effortless Movement

  • A customer was having problems with setting up a Decoiler for the feeder on a press. The slide plates that set the coil width would not move smoothly and would jam. The decoiler originally was driven with air motors and acme rods on support shafts with bushings.
  • We reconfigured the unit to accept Linear Ball Bushings on hardened shafting to carry the side plates and designed a drive with the existing air drives with ball screws and nuts for smooth movement
  • The Decoiler after rebuild has smooth effortless independent movement on each plate so the set up for the coil in the unit can be done more accurately and much faster.
  • The customer has done two units now.

Eliminating waste by tons per year

  • A food process manufacturer approached us because they were having issues with their flour dispensing system. When the equipment would distribute the flour it would do so unevenly causing a significant portion of the material to go to waste. They asked us if we could come with a solution to eradicate the problem.
  • A team of our staff went into the food processing manufacturing plant to inspect the dispensing system. After taking measurements and evaluating their current procedures, the J/E team went to the drawing board to brain storm ideas of how to solve the problem.
  • After debating several alternatives, we came up with an idea to build a flour dispensing system that used a knurled roller and brush instead of a vibrating system. This system would allow the customer to have more control of the distribution of the flour. The material would flow out evenly from the dispenser as opposed to spilling and clogging up.
  • By making this adjustment to the dispensing system our customer was able to eliminate tons of waste per year, saving on flour used and money. Many other food processing manufacturers have now switched to our dispensing system method.

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