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Tech Tip: Gears

Posted on: August 31, 2016

What is the correct amount of backlash in a gear set?

The correct amount of backlash in a gear set will depend on the gear design (shape), quality in terms of manufacturing, and application needed.

Why Use a Breather in an Enclosed Gearbox?

Breathers allows air flow from the inside of a gearbox to the atmosphere. Without proper air flow, seals will experience internal pressures resulting in a shorten seal life.

Effects of EP Gear Oils on Bronze

In bronze worm gear reducers, avoid using extreme pressure (EP) gear oils that contain sulfur and phosphorous chemistries as these additives can react adversely with bronze worm gears and accelerate wear.  Always consult with the manufacturer to determine the appropriate type and amount of oil.

Peak Load Torques Must Be Observed

Factory automation and motion control applications are often characterized by repeated accelerations and decelerations, rapid changes in system speed, sudden starts and stops, and load reversals. These dynamic conditions can result in peak gear reducer load torques of varied intensity and duration. To assure proper gearbox sizing and equipment reliability, these load conditions must be considered to assure proper reducer sizing.


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